Aarti Shah’s McTimoney Chiropractic Treatment Protocol During Covid 19

imageAs we enter a new era as lockdown measures are being lifted in Uk I wanted to reassure my existing clients as well as any new ones the procedures that I will be putting in place so that they can be treated safely with Mctimoney Chiropractic sessions.

I will be following the strict and up to date Government and Public Health England guidelines which includes risk assessments, stringent patient triage, hygiene, sanitation and infection control to ensure the safety of my clients as well as myself.

Appointments are going to take longer than usual. All clients contacting me will need to be triaged over the phone to establish if any Covid 19 symptoms are present with them or anyone else in their household, if they are self-isolating, or if they have been in touch with anyone with Covid 19 symptoms. Only if I’m fully satisfied with their answers will they be given a session.

On the day of the session a second triage will take place including a temperature check. I will be wearing Personal Protective Equipment which will comprise of a mask, gloves, apron and possibly glasses/goggles. I will expect you to wear a mask and this will be provided if you don’t have one. You will need to sanitise your hands too on entering and leaving the clinic and I will request that you keep your socks on or bring in a pair to put on so avoiding contact with flooring.

It’s important that you don’t bring in surplus bags or any extra belongings and arrive at your allocated time waiting outside the clinic until you are called in. This is to avoid any crossover of clients. Please bring a pen to sign any consent forms.

Prior to your session the treatment room will have been prepared and cleaned for you. This will include the chair that you are sitting on, the treatment couch and the floor. This is not an exhaustive list of all that will be cleaned. There will be no towels on the couch but either disposable couch covers or just couch paper. If you wish to lie on a towel or be covered by one you need to bring in your own clean one.

Despite all of the precautions that I am taking, there is a risk of transmission of Covid 19 and it’s important that clients understand this risk. They will be emailed a patient information and consent form prior to the telephone triage and once a decision has been reached with both parties consenting to treatment, they will be asked to sign for consent.

The session fees will need to be paid for by bank transfer before your physical session and after the phone triage. No other forms of payment will be accepted without prior agreement.

Currently I am not able to treat anyone face to face in the vulnerable high risk group. However, those in the moderate risk group will now be considered. Please see the enclosed link for more details about the groups:


Whilst all of the above may seem daunting I’m determined that you will still experience a McTimoney Chiropractic treatment that you will benefit from; just with a different set up/environment. The old way of treating will not be happening for a while so it’s best to find a new way forwards.

“There’s always a way if you’re committed” – Tony Robbins