"Healing is a Process not an Event"

Aarti Shah DC FMCA
McTimoney Chiropractor
Fellow of McTimoney Chiropractic Association
Executive Officer in Executive Committee of McTimoney Chiropractic Association  

My name is Aarti Shah and I qualified as a McTimoney Chiropractor in 1989 and have been working continuously throughout that period taking McTimoney Chiropractic to Bahrain, Singapore, Nepal and Europe. I have been running established clinics in London since 1995 and I have still have clients from those early days as well as clients flying in from overseas. My clients range from 3 years old to 90 years of age and even 3 generations from the same family.

John McTimoney, the founder believed that the body had its own “Innate Self Healing” ability and that McTimoney Chiropractic is a great facilitator of the healing process, thereby realigning and rebalancing the entire musculoskeletal system.

As no individuals are identical, my sessions are tailored to get the best for each patient’s return to good health. I firmly believe in continually striving to improve my treatments through my own self-development as it is imperative to lead by example and be the best for my clients.

“Knowing is not enough;we must apply. Willing is not enough;we must do.” Goethe

My aim is to prevent the recurrence of clients’ complaints, emphasising lifestyle changes, dietary advice, stress management, and exercise programmes, discouraging dependence on continuing treatments as a long term solution to problems. I focus instead on prevention. This enables clients to gain confidence in themselves and what “they” can facilitate in their own healing, rather than forming an “unhealthy” dependency on me.

“Self-conquest is the greatest of victories.”Plato

All Chiropractors in United Kingdom have to be state regulated and adhere to a Code of Practice set by the General Chiropractic Council. I am a full member of both the General Chiropractic Council and the McTimoney Chiropractic Association and have to meet their requirements annually to continue my membership.

In addition I am recognised by various private Health Insurance Companies that will pay for my sessions if your individual health policy covers it. I also liaise with Doctors, Physiotherapists and other professionals that work with the musculoskeletal structure and often get referrals from them.