Colour Therapy

In my continual quest and interest in complementary medicine as well as my own personal development I chose a totally new path in 2007 by enrolling on a colour therapy/psychology course founded by Mark Wentworth. This was more for my own personal development and growth than practitioner training. For me writing about colour therapy has been the hardest part of my website as its been a very personal and experiential journey. I completed the course in 2009 and it has basically been life changing as much as McTimoney Chiropractic was when I graduated in 1989.

The “Colour for Life” training looks at various aspects of colour with the emphasis that all of us have an inner knowledge – an inner wisdom – the innate intelligence that John McTimoney spoke of. The training teaches you “personal colour profiling” derived from your name and your date of birth. You are then taught to access that wisdom with various tools that are not only exclusive to colour to help heal areas of difficulties in yourself and those around you. It is very much an individual and experiential process that requires trust and patience from the student and excellent guidance from the teacher.

My journey with Colour has been revealing to an extent that I could never have imagined from the outset. On a therapeutic level it has revealed insights to my chiropractic clients that have left them wanting to know more about themselves on all levels. Working with Colour and McTimoney Chiropractic long standing issues – whether structural, emotional or psychological have been known to clear up on a long term basis to the surprise and delight of the client. As my learning was on a personal development front some clients would consult Mark also and this led to us collaborating on our work. We believe that we are the first to be working like this in Kensington and West London.

My personal work and relationship with Colour is ongoing and I firmly believe that this has resulted in McTimoney Chiropractic being invited to and established in The Middle East, Far East, Nepal and Europe, where I have had the pleasure of working with Mark since December 2008.