My interest in McTimoney Chiropractic inevitably led to other avenues of searching to find the best treatments that would work in conjunction with the McTimoney method. My search led me to Tisserand Aromatherapy training. I enrolled in the two year course and graduated in 1998 – after nearly 10 years of practising McTimoney. My clients often commented that they did not have time to see different therapists for their physical, psychological and spiritual well being. This inspired me to try to offer tailor made sessions to meet those needs in addition to my chiropractic skills. I have been working in this manner more than a decade in Kensington, Paddington and throughout West London.

Aromatherapy massage combines essential oils with massage techniques which helps to promote the flow of blood and lymph improving circulation, immunity and nerve conductivity, thereby relieving tension, increasing vital energy or chi and stimulating the clients own self healing. It is considered to be soothing, relaxing and stress relieving. On request from my clients I have combined my skills as a McTimoney Chiropractor with Aromatherapy to provide holistic sessions that combines both sets of skills, leaving the client with a sense of being “whole” again. The session which is 45 minutes consists of a full McTimoney treatment and an aromatherapy massage targeting areas that need loosening up using essential or pre-blended oils. Clients leave sessions generally feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually uplifted and aligned.