Distant Healing

Distant healing is known under many different names: including intercessory prayer,
spiritual healing, aura healing, energy healing, shamanic healing, and reiki.

I am certified in Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healing and below is my journey to these
trainings. It has not always been easy to walk this path but I have been drawn to it for a
long time. I am offering Shamanic Energy Healing sessions which have always been
distant healing although I am qualified to do hands on sessions. This has been due to
Covid 19 where I wasn’t able to offer clients hands on sessions for much of the time due
to restrictions.

My distant healing sessions include many different modalities that I have learnt through
my own personal development and transformation as well as formal training and study.
No sessions are ever the same and it is very much an experiential process with every
session unfolding in a unique way. I will set the scene for the session and get in the right
meditative space. I will always light a candle or candles, have the Gayatri Manta playing
in the background and the rest is guided by “Intuition, Grace, Spirit Animals, Ancestors,
Colour, Colour Allies, Intent, Ho`oponopono, Visualisation, Breath, Universal
Energy/Divine Energy, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums and even Yoga Postures.”

My personal journey began with Reiki in 1989 where initially I was having sessions
myself. This initial curiosity and the benefits that I was feeling from the sessions then led
me to get a certified qualification in the Usui System which was founded in Japan over
100 years ago. Reiki is often known as “Universal Life Energy.”

Over my professional career that spans over 30 years as a McTimoney Chiropractor I
have attended numerous workshops as my interest grew in the “unseen world of
energy.” On occasion I have been presented with opportunities that initially I have
thought were sheer “coincidences” but then realised that there were much more about
fate intervening. I have been blessed to meet the “right guides, teachers, friends,
mentors and healers at the right time and right place.”

One of the first was Mark Wentworth, whose colour course I did in 2007. I still use his
technique of personal colour profiling with my clients who have distant healing sessions
as it gives me additional tools to work with. It was also here that I discovered and
experienced Shamanic Healing for myself. Mark and I are good friends, having worked
together in Bahrain, Singapore as well as United Kingdom.

Mark and I have often attended the same courses and worked on each other. One of
these courses that made a significant change in my own personal life which then carried
on to my professional life was with Dr. Hew Len who taught me the ancient Hawai`ian
practice of Ho`oponopono. I very much wanted to meet him and travelled to Turkey in
2011 to attend his course; this was his final teaching so I felt incredibly blessed to
attend. I use his technique in my distant healing sessions as well as my daily life.

Whilst on this plane journey to Turkey I was sat next to a South American lady, Graciela,
and we started talking about why we were both travelling to Turkey. She was attending a
wedding and I Dr Len’s Ho’oponopono course. Fate/Destiny call it whatever you will
intervened. Graciela came to me professionally as a Chiropractic client a few weeks
later. She informed then that she had been a healer most of her life and that the healing
tradition ran through generations of her family. This included “distant healing” and “Shamanic Healing”. She was also a Reiki Master. I felt incredibly energised just by
being in the company of this wise woman and we have become close friends. She has
mentored me so much on my journey of self-discovery and healing.

Another mentor was Christopher Strong. Christopher was a renowned dowser who sent
me 23 new patients, the first travelled all the way from Hong Kong in 2014. I could never
get hold of him to thank him because his clients never gave any information out about
him and I could never find any. Finally on March 26th 2018 (he had contacted me the
end of 2017) I had the honour and joy to meet him. The meeting was very emotional for
me because I was so grateful to him as he had recommended me so many clients
having never met me. Of course he said he dowsed as to where the clients should be
sent which in this case was me. We hit it off instantly and he encouraged me to train with
him which I began. He taught me to dowse using pendulums and wands/dowsing rods. I
have his late wife’s Veronicas personal pendulum that he gave me when we met for the
last time as well as some of his dowsing rods; it’s like he knew on some level that we
would never meet again afterwards. I was devastated by his passing, totally bereft and
didn’t want to train or delve in any healing for myself or others and I stopped searching
for a while.

My friend Graciela urged me to continue and to train under her until I found the “right
certified course” and what better time than in a Pandemic when I had so much spare
time. Of course I resisted, dug my heels in but some of my friends were siding with
Graciela. I eventually conceded and spent 7 months training under her guidance which
was often “You’ll know what to do and just trust the process” This takes a lot of TRUST.
I worked on my friends initially just doing distant healing sessions; we were in the midst
of a Pandemic so couldn’t meet up anyway. I started getting some positive results. I
went on to train in Shamanic Energy Healing. In order to get certification I was required
to undertake case studies that had to be documented as well as an entire month of self-
healing sessions, again documented.
This is how far I have come in my journey and I’m certain it’s not my last stop of learning
or experiencing.
If you’re interested in finding out more about distant healing sessions with me please
contact me.