It has always been my intention to take McTimoney Chiropractic to parts of the world that would not have access to it and in particular to people that would never have access to it in their lifetime.

In 2010 I was part of a team of four that went to Nepal to volunteer our skills to Ghar Sita Mutu – House with Heart. This is a home for abandoned children and a training centre for destitute women. It also has an outreach programme for needy families.

Initially I had not envisaged using McTimoney Chiropractic out there – all I wanted to do with the rest of the team was to ensure that we worked with the children and women in whatever capacity was required and appropriate. However, I did do some sessions with some amazing results. One woman who was having “seizures” was instantly calmer with a McTimoney treatment – she also began to communicate with me about her hopes and fears with regards to her children who are fortunately housed in the home. Its astonishing what the power of touch does to those that need it the most!

The founder of the home, Beverly Bronson, took me to talk to Doctor Tenzin – a renowed Tibetan doctor and acupuncturist who treats many of Beverly’s residents. I treated his elderly mother who was complaining of various aches and pains – one session of McTimoney alleviated her pain significantly. The Doctor was watching with great fascination and asked whether I would consider working alongside him with McTimoney as he was in total awe of it. I felt humbled by his request as this was a total surprise to me.

Since 2010 I have been able to return to House with Heart five times – McTimoney Chiropractic has played a huge part in this. I have started treating locals as well as Westerners in Kathmandu and any money paid for sessions is donated to the home. I am continually overwhelmed with my clients’ generosity in supporting a cause that has become very dear to my heart. Many have felt compelled to help and make a difference to the lives of the others as McTimoney Chiropractic has made a difference to their lives. Some clients have gone further by donating their time and have joined me on these trips which are entirely self-funded.

In 5 visits and since the Earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015,  “Friends With Heart – Uk” has raised over £30,000 for the home.

For me McTimoney Chiropractic and House with Heart are a passion and a way of life. Returning there is like returning to members of my own family. It is impossible to forget their warmth, kindness and appreciation. Despite what many of these children have been through, they know how to remain open, to share, to forgive, to be compassionate, to radiate joy, to laugh, to play, to dance, and to love. One of the things that has struck me the most whilst working with them is their understanding, even at such a young age, that they have been given an opportunity other children haven’t and if they make it in life it is their responsibility to give back to their communities.

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