What is Colour Therapy and How Can It Help?

Colour TherapyThink of colour therapy as a rainbow. Both represent peace and tranquility in a perfectly natural way.  Colour therapy uses the energy of the spectrum to harmonise and balance the mind, body and spirit. The ancient art form is based around the belief that in order to maintain health and well being, we need exposure to the full spectrum of colours found in sunlight. It’s thought the way we deal with stress and other negative feelings is directly associated with the amount of colour that’s entering our systems. The right colours can help boost our circulation, digestion, nervous and immune systems.

Staff at Colour Therapy London, which is based in Kensington, are used to working with people who might not fully understand what colour therapy is. The practitioners will help you to understand how the therapy could work for you and why it’s so important to focus on certain areas of the body.

Colour plays an important part in our lives. We know red can spell danger and black represents death. We use colour to determine when fruit is ripe and traffic lights allow us to drive safely. So why not see how it can help boost your health and everyday life?

The therapy is widely used across Asia, Europe and America and is believed can help treat various chronic ailments including: asthma, arthritis, depression, eating disorders, skin diseases, circulation problems, fevers and rheumatism. In the past it has also been known to help ease pain for patients who are suffering from serious illnesses such as paralysis, multiple sclerosis, M.E., Cancer and Aids.

Practitioners at Colour Therapy London, will show you how to use these colours in your daily life for healing, health, relaxation inspiration and protection. They will begin treatment by finding out what colours you are naturally drawn to and which ones you try to avoid. All colours have different properties. But everyone is different so colours can have affect people in different ways, which is why it’s important to see a professional colour therapist. For example, green can help balance and when exposed to the thymus gland it will aid in the regulation of T cell production. But when shone on a tumor it may help it to grow.

Colour therapy consists of several different techniques, which include using a colour torch or lamp and shining it on the affected areas. A colour based diet might also be recommended or the use of essential oils related to colour. Colour reflexology and Colour Aromatherapy and Crystal and gemstone treatments have also shown to be productive.